Saturday, July 18, 2009

Two Days Ago, There Was a Little Incident Involving Flip-flops and 3 Miles

I am going to write about my own stellar trip to England and Wales soon, but first, I want to share a few details coming in from the Chocolates, currently in France after a sojourn in Italy.

The title of this blog comes from a postcard that Cupcake of the Chocolate family sent me. I must wait for details of the "incident," but the postcard otherwise tells me that pastries and art are the order of the day.

I also have a postcard of Louis XIV that Rat of the Chocolate family sent me. He has been given big red lips, fishnet stockings, and eyelashes because Rat admired this painting until she discovered it was actually supposed to be a painting of a man.

Sacher Mom of the Chocolate family tells me details of the eclair tasting that the family conducted in the heart of Paris. Or the heat of Paris.

It's good to be related to the Chocolate family.

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