Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Algorithmic Life (or Reflections for April 15th)

The algorithmic life always finds me, but it is never one I want to lead. In order to do Y, I must have done X-- not thought about doing X, but done X. Which often shines the spotlight on W and other troublesome earlier letters. 

The trick, everyone advises, is not to procrastinate. The trick, everyone advises, is to make the change slowly, so it sticks. So was I wrong to take all this advice seriously and apply the smart starting strategy of not waiting so long to procrastinate, but procrastinating earlier? Yet, here on April 13th,  I fear that there is a fallacy in this logic. I will look into looking into it tomorrow.  

Living the algorithmic life can also necessitate finding a longer alphabet. Cambodian, here I come, with the hope one day of Rotokas.   

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  1. I would comment, but I have about 48 hours to do my taxes.