Sunday, April 5, 2009

These are the words I own: "Are," "I," "own," "the," "these," "words"

If you pay to photograph a quilt at a museum to use in a book, do you own the rights to the names sewn into the quilt? Apparently, at least one person thinks so. This was the most interesting story I heard at a recent conference, where one panel addressed digital copyright. 

The whole episode came out of a student's using the photograph in a paper, which was then hosted on a website, which was then taken as inspiration for another researcher to investigate the names sewn into the quilt. (It was a World War quilt.)

What a fabulous concept!

I am adapting this to let you know that, from now on, I own all the words that I use on this blog. Violate at your peril.  Contumely. (I just want that word too.)

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