Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This Blog Is Not Kosher for Passover

The night before Passover--that is, right now--Jews conduct the search for chametz, to rid their households of all foods forbidden during that holiday.  I have done that in my kitchen. I have done that in my living room. I have done that everywhere in my house that is snackable.  There is just one place that will always remain out of reach.  

I realized how bad it was some months ago. My keyboard went on strike--that is, it refused to strike--and the Apple Genius Bar was just the thing to put it right. When I started to pack up the keyboard, though, I really saw how many loaves of bread and pieces of poptart were in there, and I knew that it was better to buy a new keyboard than to show a genius how I actually lived and typed. (I'd call it a bad habit, but let's be real: It's a routine, not a habit.) Before I had to do anything drastic, though, my keyboard recovered. And now it has many many more months of crumbs in its little ecosystem. 

So this blog will not be kosher for Passover. But once there are more matzah crumbs in there, I think it's an open question.

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